Architectural Model Making

Highly detailed, accurate and cost effective prototypes and architectural models. Combining traditional knowledge and cutting edge technology.

Hobs 3D has been an early adopter of 3D printing and uniquely combines high end 3D printing with architectural model making to produce accurate and cost effective architectural models, construction models and prototypes.

Accurate data is directly translated through CAD to 3D print production and traditional model making finishes applied by our in-house model shop, all achieved at one location by one homogenous team.

These forward thinking techniques are recognised by clients as progressive and ultimately produces a cleaner more contemporary looking model.

If you would like to learn more about the latest 3D printing technologies, download our price list.

Why use 3D printing in Architectural Model Making?

Architects, construction firms, film and prototypes, have adopted 3D printing as a critical part of visualising and communicating there products. We can produce white, clear and full-colour physical Architectural Models quickly from most 3D and 2D data.

3D printing achieves a level of detail and accuracy that isn’t possible by other traditional methods. Our workflow also removes the process of translating data required for traditional model making, avoiding confusion and mistakes.

Using 3D Printing in Architectural Model Making means the prices are very competitive. 3D printing leads to a massive reduction in man hours as topographical detail and scale trees and vehicles can be included as part of the 3D print process.


• Full Architectural Model Making Service
• 3D printed conceptual models in 24hrs or less
• 3D printed Architectural Models in full colour
• Combine 3D printed models with traditional Architectural Model Making finishes
• Finishing can include landscaping, scale trees, vehicles and people (animation) and lighting
• Bespoke plinths, Perspex display cases and travel cases
• High-end spray finishes

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