3D Printers Buyers Guide

Here is our 3D Printers Buyers Guide:

When choosing which 3D printer to purchase, there are lots of factors to consider.  This 3D Printer Buyers Guide offers a few simple tips to ensure the printer you choose is the best printer and best supplier for your needs.  Of course, we’re always available to help guide you through the choices, so please get in touch if you need us.


Has the vendor offered to carry out a current process review and proposed 3D workflow?

When choosing your 3D printer it is essential the supplier understands the requirements of your business so the most appropriate and beneficial 3D printer can be chosen.  Hobs will work with you to fully assess which printer is most suitable for you.


How many years have the company been an authorised supplier of 3D printers?

This is simply a gauge of experience in a relatively new market sector.  Hobs Studio is proud to be the UK’s biggest retailer of 3D printing Technology.


What experience does the supplier have relevant to my industry?

Request in-house case studies from your supplier that are relevant to your business.  Manufacturer case studies can be used by any supplier and don’t reflect experience.

All the pictures in our gallery are of projects we have worked on.  We have lots of case studies we can share with you and there are more examples of our latest projects on our 3D printing page.


How many in-house certified service technicians do they have?

Be wary of third-party service or non 3D engineers.  Hobs 3D have our own certified service technicians who can ensure your machine is operating at its maximum.


What 3D printers do the company own for training, support services and overflow?

What is the supplier’s commitment to the 3D printing industry and what support services can you expect to receive?  Be aware of companies passing off manufacturer facilities as their own.  If you want to visit one of the Hobs 3D branches, then just let us know; we’d be delighted to show you around.


Does training include file preparation, job submission, user maintenance and post processing?

These areas are all essential areas to any 3D workflow and should be covered in great detail if you are new to 3D printing.  Please see our 3D printing process document and full training through our Hobs Academy services.


We hope you find our 3D printers buying guide useful.  If there is anything else you need to know then please just ask us!

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