Mitigating Risks in Grade B Listed Marr College

3D Laser Scanning to create an as-built model.

Marr College is a school in a beautiful Grade B listed building in South Ayrshire, Scotland. BDP (a major international practice of architects and engineers) and Kier (a leading construction and property group) were developing a new Intervention that will exist within the listed building, to be used by the staff and pupils.

As Marr College is a Grade B listed building, an up-to-date model of the existing structure needed to be produced to capture the buildings listed features and facilitate the proposed designs.  As the building was in constant use, Hobs 3D utilised 3D Laser Scanning to collect detailed data of the building during term-time to create a 3D as-built model.

Phil McDowell (Kier Construction) stated “Hobs have the ability to capture structural and conditional data through their 3D Laser Scanning  technology.  This allowed us to mitigate risks posed by a complex project of this nature.  The as-built Revit model produced, helps the design teams to progress through Design Development more efficiently and effectively.  The Point Cloud data also provides a valuable communication tool when liaising with key stakeholders such as the Client, Heritage, Planners and the wider projects supply chain.”

Hobs 3D took two laser scanners onto site and these worked simultaneously to capture and survey the vast majority of the building, paying particular attention to the eastern façade and courtyard areas. This enabled the buildings listed features and the facades to be captured in a fast efficient manner.

Once completed, the point-cloud data was processed and converted into an Autodesk Revit model, paying particular attention to the listed areas.  Additional areas were extrapolated from existing plans to produce a complete model of the existing buildings.

The finished result was an up-to-date Revit model which detailed the existing, as-built, elevations of the eastern façade and courtyard areas.

The point-cloud data would also act as an independent record of the existing condition of the building.


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