Our model making services blend traditional methods with modern techniques

Our specialists combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce models that are both affordable and detail-focused. Our highly-skilled team use their woodworking and finishing skills to craft your architectural model with intricate detailing and breathe life into your projects.

Combining our artisan’s skills with our 3D printing capabilities means your model can be created quickly and efficiently. 3D printing offers repeatability and scalability options which traditional methods can’t compete with.

Their various innovative 3D services are helping improve the built environment in the region.
by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Architectural Model Making

With over ten years’ experience in architectural models, our services are perfectly suited to communicate architectural developments. We can put your project right at your stakeholders fingertips.

Model Making for Marketing and Advertising

Our model making service combines traditional methods alongside 3D printing which offers easy scalability and repeatability options, which helps us to create models faster and more efficiently.

Product Design and Art

Our artisanal team can breathe life into your project through intricate detailing and highly-skilled woodworking artistry. Utilising our 3D printing expertise also gives us that competitive edge over traditional methods.

Construction & Interior Fit Out

We have been working alongside construction companies for years, and our team understands how to effectively communicate the phasing of your project as well as the end result. Our construction models are sure to stand out from the crowd.

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