Our 3D services provide a range of benefits within the defence sector, including: maintenance, repair, cost and production. Utilising our 3D printing and digital service offerings also provides: flexibility of design iterations, reduction of time to market, tools which can help communicate complex information and waste reduction.

By using our products you will be able to easily make significant changes in your products, which in turn will create newfound opportunities for innovation and revenue across the defence sector. Our manufacturing capabilities are one of the leading offerings on the market right now, and ongoing advances in our technology means that you won’t want to be left behind.

The simple answer to your question is – excellent and use them! We have been working with HOBS for a number of years and specifically their 3D team over the past 4 years. I have always found them very professional, attentive to every detail, always offering new ideas and solutions even when we are unsure what we want! They have provided us with 3D printed models, AR products and VR products all of which have been both excellent value and very high quality. I would say that the VR model and immersive experience they developed for us inside the F35 fighter jet hanger and workshop that we are delivering for the RAF and USAF was exceptional. The level of service we received from the HOBS 3D team in London to develop, produce and then commission and test was again excellent and the feedback was so much more than expected. They have also produced a VR model and impressive experience for the new Dreadnaught submarine facility in Barrow and this has been used by the MOD and Navy Command to review the proposed facility, review security concerns and engage local stakeholders including the Planning Committees. Again the support from HOBS 3D to develop the model, features, functionality and the hardware to use the VR was excellent and they held our hand all the way. You don’t need to be a 3D ninja to work with this team they worry about all of that for you and keep it simple to understand and use. Regarding cost we found them very competitive and never felt we over paid and they under performed. Project Management and keeping us informed with progress was excellent and if we did have any concerns then they were sorted immediately.
by Tim Read, Sales Centre Director – Defence & Security at Jacobs

Physical solutions for Defence

Our physical solutions are the perfect way to enrich your project. Through 3D printing and model-making we can create a real-life representation of your vision. Our physical solutions are also cost-effective and easily replicated, perfect for design iterations of prototypes and product design concepts. Our team can even use scanning technology to capture fine details and add surface textures to your model.

Interactive 3D Solutions for Defence

Want to immerse your audience in your engineering project? Our 3D services provide a newfound level of interactivity, previously unachievable by traditional methods. These include: virtual reality, digital twinning as well as our multisensory BIM cave, VRCUB3D. Our interactive solutions can be seamlessly paired with realtime environments to fully demonstrate your project in all its glory.

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