Putting 3D technology to work for your business

With a vast range of expertise and technology at our fingertips we’re able to provide 3D services to a wide range of industries. We take a tailored approach to our offering based on feedback from clients like you to ensure you see the right solution to tackle the challenges you face for your own business.


Our architectural clients have access to a wealth of data. At Hobs 3D, we enhance the value of this information by offering solutions that leverage our advanced 3D capabilities. Whether it’s master plan models, plug models, verified views, or photomontages, we employ cutting-edge technologies to maximise data value at every RIBA stage of development.

3D Solutions for Architecture

Art & Design

The digital age has introduced groundbreaking methods for creating works of beauty. We leverage our technological advancements to support artists and designers with solutions in scanning, 3D printing, and 3D design.

3D Solutions for Art & Design

Engineering & Manufacturing

We utilise 3D technology to provide our engineering clients with high-quality models, prototypes, functional parts, and even detailed exhibition animations, bringing projects and products to life with precision and innovation.

3D Solutions for Engineering

Property & Housing Development

Whether you’re still seeking planning permission or selling your final unit, we can provide your teams with innovative solutions to impress. And, using game-engine technology, we can even create virtual models that can be used from beginning to end.

3D Solutions for Property Developers

Construction & Interior Fit Out

The Hobs Group has catered to the construction sector for over 50 years, so nowhere is our expertise more on display than when we’re serving our construction clients. From animations to models, Hobs 3D have got the right tools to aid in winning bids, finalising designs or training the team.

3D Solutions for Construction

Marketing & PR

Our collaborative approach to working with our clients sets us apart from most other 3D technology companies. We like to think of ourselves as a marketing agency with unusual, high-tech media.  Challenge us with your most unusual projects and put our creativity to the test.

3D Solutions for Marketing & PR

Healthcare & Dentistry

3D printing has taken a critical role in the delivery of technological advances in healthcare and dentistry. A number of different technologies have been employed in applications as varied as orthodontic moulds to prosthetics to demonstration models.

3D Solutions for Healthcare


As in all innovations, military and defence contractors have been quick to see the value in 3D printing and interactive technologies. We have worked with a number of partners to create models and experiences that serve as effective demonstration or training tools.

3D Solutions for Defence

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