VRCUB3D – Think Inside the Box

Looking for accessible VR experiences? Hobs 3D’s VRCUB3D introduces affordable, portable and high-quality virtual reality experiences all within a pop-up VR system.

Engineered from Tri-Wall technology, VRCUB3D is one of the most sustainable and innovative offerings on the market. Each experience is fully customisable; adjust the height and reflect your brand with logos or bespoke graphics to suit your needs. Other additional options include: 4D sound, visualisation content bundles, air conditioning, as well as multiple screens.


 VRCUB3D is built from cardboard which has been sourced from carefully managed forests and can be fully recycled.


Incorporating 4D sound, changing temperatures and event scents, VRCUB3D offers a revolutionary and realistic experience which stimulates the senses.


Our virtual reality experience is more cost-effective compared to existing offerings, whilst still allowing for a totally immersive experience with maximum brand exposure.


Although we offer a standard system that has been designed and tested, we can adjust the cube to your requirements.


No tools, no fuss! Install in just ten minutes with only 17 interlocking pieces. VRCUB3D is compact, portable and can be easily assembled by two people, saving you valuable time.


Each pop-up system is a blank canvas. Our branding and printing team will work with you to maximise what is essentially a giant billboard of opportunity.


Contact a member from either our London or Manchester team today to find out more information on all things VRCUB3D.

EMAIL: 3dvisualisation@hobs.com

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