3D Printed Models & More for Engineering

Our broad set of 3D capabilities offer numerous ways we support our engineering clients across multiple company functions. From enhancing the Sales and Marketing toolkit with 3D printed models and visualisations, to VR training simulations for construction teams, to spare-part replacement and prototyping, Hobs 3D aims to transform the way our clients work, sell and innovate.

Exhibition Models

Exhibition models play a pivotal role in showcasing intricate machinery or accurate replicas with remarkable precision and detail. These models, whether meticulously scaled recreations or exact duplicates, serve as portable representations that facilitate easier transportability compared to their original counterparts. Their purpose extends beyond mere demonstration, as they offer a tangible and visually compelling means to present complex machinery in a more accessible and transport-friendly format.

3D Printed Functional Parts

Maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your operations by harnessing the power of  3D printing technology, eliminating the need for costly traditional tooling. By leveraging the versatility and agility of 3D printing, we empower businesses to swiftly replace or replicate critical components, reducing downtime, and streamlining maintenance operations. Whether it’s reproducing discontinued parts or creating prototypes, our expertise in reverse engineering coupled with cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities offers a cost-efficient solution, ensuring the seamless continuity and optimisation of your operations.

Prototypes & Feasibility Study Models

Ensure the seamless progress and success of your project by leveraging model representations that vividly showcase either the envisioned final outcome or pivotal stages along the project’s trajectory. These model representations act as invaluable navigational tools, offering a tangible and visual depiction of the project’s envisioned result or significant milestones.

VR Training Environments

Revolutionise your team’s training methodology by harnessing the power of virtual environments. We create detailed virtual environments that replicate real-world scenarios, allowing your team to engage in comprehensive training sessions remotely. These environments serve as a secure space for your workforce to familiarise themselves with complex procedures, equipment handling, and critical decision-making processes without the constraints of on-site risks.

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3D Printed Demonstration Models

Complex systems and machinery can often be best portrayed through miniature representation. We work with our engineering clients to design and create detailed demonstration models that highlight capabilities, functionalities, and potential applications of the engineered systems. Sales and marketing teams then use these tools to aid in educational settings, technical demonstrations, and decision-making processes.

Public Consultation Models

We meticulously craft our public consultation models to create compelling visual representations of proposed schemes that foster deeper understanding and wider acceptance within communities. These models serve as powerful tools, offering stakeholders and the public an immersive and detailed insight into the envisioned projects. With intricate precision and attention to detail, these models vividly depict the proposed developments, allowing for clearer comprehension and fostering a sense of involvement and acceptance among various stakeholders.

The simple answer to your question is – excellent and use them! We have been working with HOBS for a number of years and specifically their 3D team over the past 4 years. I have always found them very professional, attentive to every detail, always offering new ideas and solutions even when we are unsure what we want! They have provided us with 3D printed models, AR products and VR products all of which have been both excellent value and very high quality…
by Tim Read, Sales Centre Director – Defence & Security at Jacobs

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