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For over a decade, Hobs 3D have been delighting clients with innovative 3D printing solutions. We strongly believe in adding value to every project we undertake. So when you print with us, you can expect a creation that has been tailored to meet your unique objectives. After all, bespoke solutions are what 3D printing is all about. We work collaboratively with you to ensure you get the right solution for your needs, on-demand and on budget.

How to order your 3D print

Step 1: File Upload
The process begins when you upload your 3D design files through our user-friendly online interface. Security is a priority, so rest assured that your files are safely handled. If you don’t have 3D files ready, our team is available to assist you—simply reach out via our ‘Contact Us‘ option.
Step 2: Receive a Quote
We believe expertise is essential to getting the right outcome with your printed part. Our team will respond immediately to your request to ensure you receive a quote with the right material produced with the right technology for your print.
Step 3: Printing Your Design
Upon confirming your specifications and payment, we start the printing process. Our facility uses cutting-edge industrial-grade equipment to achieve high-accuracy parts. We also utilize the latest materials to ensure quality and durability in all prints.
Step 4: Quality Check & Delivery
Once printing is complete, each part undergoes a thorough quality check by our print team. After approval, your items are carefully packaged and shipped to you. You’ll receive tracking information via email so you can monitor your order’s progress to your doorstep.

Industrial-grade 3D printing; experienced technical team

Our additive manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge, industrial-grade machines that provide precise and consistent results. These high-tech tools allow us to achieve superior accuracy in every print, ensuring that every detail of the original design is captured flawlessly. Our experienced technical consultants collaborate closely with our clients and partners to innovate and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with 3D printing technology, leading to the creation of highly advanced printed models, prototypes and functional parts.

Colour 3D Printing

Our colour jet printing technology (CJP) excels at creating complete 3D structures in full CMYK colour. CJP is powder based, with binder and colour applied at every layer, and allows for printing without supports. Our colour 3D printing service regularly applied to the manufacturing of prototypes, marketing awards, 3D figurines, architectural models and works of art in full colour.

Industrial Large Scale SLA 3D Printing

Our SLA (Stereolithography) printers offer the largest format resin-based printing capacity in the UK.  With SLA we create high definition models that often achieve injection moulding like quality. SLA printing service specialises in creating highly detailed functional parts, smooth finished prototypes, architectural models or organic structures.

Precision Functional Parts and Prototypes

Multi-Jet Printing (MJP) technology uses resin with wax supports to create complex geometries and fully functioning prototypes. Resin droplets and a wax support structure are deposited on a bed solidified with UV light. Our MJP 3D printing service delivers crisp, fine detailing in every print like embossed logos, clasps and buckles, or even gears and cogs. MJP offers a unique solution for fashion, design, marketing and engineering.

Bespoke 3D print finishing service

Take advantage of our in-house model makers and spray booth facility to create a finish that wows your customers. We provide painting, metallising and full model making service to create truly unique objects.

File Upload

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Hobs 3D worked tirelessly to achieve a complex print and found creative solutions to the challenges that arose in the process. The final result was flawless.
by Matthew Stone, Award-winning Artist

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