3D Printed & Hand Crafted Exhibition Models

Hobs 3D produce some of the finest exhibition models available on the market. We leverage state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, harmoniously melded with ingenuity and artistry from our team of highly skilled model makers to realise stunning and highly impactful sales and marketing tools. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that each model crafted showcases a seamless blend of precision, creativity, and quality.

Exhibition models that draw a crowd

Our meticulously crafted exhibition models are designed not just to showcase your products or concepts but to command attention and captivate audiences. From intricate details to striking visual elements, each model is carefully curated to be a showstopper on the exhibition floor. Through a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, our models serve as magnetic focal points that effortlessly draw a crowd.

Presentation prototypes

Empower your sales team with prototype models designed to showcase the intricate design and capabilities of your products. Recognising that some products are just too impractical to bring along to every event and others might still be in their final stages of development, we leverage your 3D data to produce representative samples. These prototypes serve as invaluable tools, offering a solid foundation for engaging and fruitful sales dialogues.

Interactive presentation models

Enhance client engagement through interactive exhibition models. These immersive displays feature user-friendly interfaces, enabling clients to explore showcased content hands-on. Whether zooming in on details or accessing real-time information, these models craft an experiential journey, making presentations more impactful and stimulating meaningful interaction with your clients.

Model making expertise across industries

We consider it a privilege to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, spanning various industries, to craft bespoke exhibition models. Our expertise extends across sectors, including aerospace, defence, utilities, construction, healthcare, and food production. The meticulously designed models we create not only contribute to the visual appeal of our clients’ presentations but also play a pivotal role in helping them strengthen and expand their business ventures.

Will definitely give you guys a shout on the next 3D piece, you aced this one – I think it’s only just recently stopped touring!
by James Sparkes, Creative Director, Make Associates

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