Virtual Reality allows you to step into a new world

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-simulated 3D environment that allows the user to become immersed in a virtual world. At Hobs 3D, we create realistic VR solutions for a whole host of situations; planning, consultations, and immersive experiences.

Our development team can create bespoke interactive experiences for your business for digital meetups, conferencing or co-design sessions. We can deploy to a wide range of platforms including mobile, web and VR headsets.

It’s exciting to be able to harness the very latest VR and 3D technology to unlock the full potential of community spaces. It has allowed residents to be really involved in the design process, and has given them a sense of ownership as well as the opportunity to learn new skills in a hi-tech environment.
by Ellen Halstead, Head of Strategy for Thamesmead

Architecture and Property Development

Use VR to envision your finished property or architectural design in an immersive environment.  We can deploy to a wide range of platforms including mobile, web and VR headsets.

Marketing and Advertising

Virtual Reality can be perfectly integrated into your latest campaign. By adding elements of interactivity, your clients are sure to remember your brand or product. We can tailor each experience to suit your specific brief needs.

Virtual Reality in Engineering and Defence

Our immersive technology enables you to communicate complicated processes and functions by putting the user at the centre of your project. Our team are experts in delivering truly bespoke interactive experiences.

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