Virtual Reality & 3D Experiences

Our development team are able to create bespoke interactive apps using innovative solutions like Virtual Reality (VR) to improve your client presentations or bid submissions.

Bespoke apps deployed on tablets and mobile devices enable you to communicate and distribute your ideas in an interesting and engaging way. Our App development team design and build apps to cater for a variety of functions including but not limited to:

  • Virtual Reality tours
  • Product demonstrations
  • Interactive experiences

Virtual Reality

We create realistic Virtual Reality (VR) images and animations for a whole host of situations, including to enhance bids, packaging and marketing campaigns.

We provide immersive, interactive Virtual Reality systems, such as Active Walls, and also support in the production and preparation of the Virtual Reality data to be shown.

This means we can supply the full Virtual Reality package with the equipment, software and data you need.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) creates a realistic artificial environment in a computer, which immerses the user.  The user can navigate through the space which reacts to the user as they explore and interactive with it, just like it’s a real environment.

Using an iPad, ‘glasses’ or an immersive wall to display the 3D images, the user becomes part of this Virtual Environment and can explore their surroundings.  This is an incredible way for you and your clients to view your latest project or proposal, just as if they were standing inside a scale model.  Adding in other controls like a data-glove or control-wand allows you to perform actions whilst inside the virtual world.

How is Virtual Reality useful?

Rather than looking at a scale model, imagine wowing your client by walking them through your proposed project.

From your projects design files we create a 3 dimensional, computer generated environment, which is both detailed and accurate.  Your client can move through the environment and look at the project as if it had already been built, without having to interpret technical drawings.

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