Property Marketing 3D Services

At Hobs 3D, we simplify the process for property and housing marketing departments to leverage their digital assets fully. We offer a comprehensive suite of 3D property marketing solutions all under one roof, serving as your trusted partner throughout the development journey. From CGIs to 360 tours, interactive property viewers, and marketing suite models, we provide everything you need to showcase your properties effectively. By converting your architectural data into a usable format once, we ensure consistency across all outputs, streamlining your process and ultimately saving you valuable time and resources.

Marketing Suite Models

Our specialist staff combine technology with craftsmanship to produce models that are both highly detailed and reasonably priced. We employ traditional cutting, wood-working, painting and finishing techniques to craft architectural recreations that help your buyers envision the scheme and help your sales team reach their targets.

Marketing Suite Touchscreen Tours

Our cutting-edge touch screen tours utilise your data to create an interactive experience for your customers and empowers your sales team with a marketing tool to suit your suite!

Touchscreen Model Lighting

Build interest in your scheme with touchscreen controlled lighting. Buyers can discover buildings or apartments with a touch of a tablet–attached or hand-held.

Virtual Tours & 360 Tours

Immerse your buyers in a fully or partially interactive environment to help them envision all the benefits of what your development has to offer.

View the sample tour

Animated Flythrough Property Tours

Animated flythroughs offer your clients a comprehensive view of their prospective homes before they have been built.

View a sample flythrough

Property CGIs

Eye-catching property CGIs are sure to bring your development to life. Our team of expert visualisers will be sure to illustrate your vision in style.

Digital Cost Savings

Digital economies of scale reduce your costs:

  • Data is reusable across all outputs
  • Reuse of data between our teams brings efficiency for us and therefore lower costs to our clients
  • Interactive elements communicate with physical elements
  • Intimate understanding over the breadth of a project keeps management costs efficient
We were looking to create a high quality CGI of our scheme to support our planning application and as Hobs had been highly recommended we approached them with the opportunity. They were very easy to deal with and immediately understood what we were looking for. From the façade details to the landscaping the end product perfectly displayed the design intent and really brought the scheme to life. We would have no second thoughts of using Hobs again.
by Sam Gooch, Project Manager at Notting Hill Genesis

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