Metallic Finish 3D Prints

For an unparalleled presentation, opt for a metallic finish on your 3D printed models. Hobs 3D offers a complete metallisation service, transforming plastic into stunning works of art. Our meticulously crafted metallic 3D prints are so convincing, you’d mistake them for solid metal. Beyond aesthetics, metallising enhances structural integrity, ensuring your creations stand the test of time. Elevate your projects with our metallisation service and turn your visions into enduring masterpieces.

Benefits of metallic 3D prints

Metallising an SLA 3D print offers numerous benefits over printing directly in metal. Metallisation offers greater design flexibility, allowing for intricate and complex geometries that may be challenging or costly to achieve through metal 3D printing methods. The process also adds significant weight to the printed part, in many cases rendering it indistinguishable from solid metal and ensuring an authentic finish.

Many metals and finishes to choose from

Discover a variety of metals and finishes to enhance your SLA 3D prints. Choose from copper, chrome, nickel, gold, silver, and tin for distinctive visual effects. Each metal can be produced with a satin, brushed, or polished finish to add depth and texture to your designs. Customize your prints effortlessly for captivating results.

Metallising to elevate aesthetics

Metallisation enhances the aesthetic appeal of SLA 3D prints, transforming them into striking works of art. Whether it’s the warm glow of copper or the sleek shine of chrome, metallisation imbues prints with a timeless elegance that commands attention and admiration. Like this copper metallised architectural model for Copper Maker Square, metallised SLA 3D prints transcend the ordinary, captivating viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

Metallising for structural support

Metallisation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of SLA 3D prints but also fortifies their structural integrity. Through the process of metallisation, the printed parts gain additional strength and durability. This sculpture of gravity defying, dancing figures by Matthew Stone was only achievable because of the hidden strength that metallisation offered to the bonds between figures.

Metallic Painted 3D Prints

When the cost of metallisation is not an option, metallic paints can still finish the job nicely. While paint may not provide the same level of authenticity–and weight–as metallisation, it offers a budget-friendly alternative that can effectively mimic the appearance of metal. With careful application and attention to detail, our model making team can still use metallic paints to achieve a striking and visually appealing finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your models.

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