Bid winning 4D animations and 3D printed phasing models for construction & interior fit out

When tendering for new schemes, construction and interior fit-out companies must ensure that their submissions stand out from the competition. Hobs 3D works closely with our clients to create 4D sequencing animations and phasing models that promote their vision for the progression of a build in a way that is both memorable and effective. Our visualisations and models not only aid in conceptualisation but also serve as invaluable tools for stakeholder engagement and project planning. From initial designs to final execution, our comprehensive approach ensures seamless coordination and optimal results.

In this competitive environment the model provided us with confidence throughout the process. It formed an excellent focal point at all client engagement meetings. Hobs were on-hand as part of the delivery team and worked around the clock to deliver, against particularly tight time constraints. We were extremely pleased with the result.
by Gary Thorogood, Project Manager at Galliford Try

4D Construction Animations

At Hobs 3D, we specialise in crafting dynamic 4D construction sequence animations that bring your project to life, showcasing its evolution over time. From ground-breaking to completion, our construction animations provide a compelling visual narrative that resonates with stakeholders and decision-makers. With our bespoke animations, your tenders will captivate and impress, giving you the competitive edge needed to win lucrative contracts.

4D Construction Phasing Images

For those projects that don’t warrant a full-blown 4D animation, construction phasing images can be an effective alternative, offering a concise yet comprehensive visual representation of the project’s progression. At Hobs 3D, we understand the importance of clarity and precision in communicating construction timelines. Our phasing images meticulously detail each stage of development, providing stakeholders with a clear roadmap from start to finish.

Construction Sequence Models

If you’re presenting in person, construction sequence models offer tangible benefits over animations. 3D printed models allow direct interaction with the scheme, promoting deeper comprehension of spatial relationships and construction sequencing. Additionally, they serve as enduring visual aids, facilitating on-site decision-making and effective communication among project teams. While animations excel in dynamic visuals, 3D printed models provide a tangible, immersive, and lasting proposal that remind your clients of you long after the meeting is concluded.

Construction Bid Boxes

Leveraging the full breadth of the Hobs Group capabilities, we can create bespoke Bid Boxes to impress clients by incorporating lit 3D printed models, LCD screens, QR codes that launch 4D animations. Turn your bid into a creative & impressive package that keeps selling your vision long after the presentation is over.

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