3D Models for Architecture & More

Nothing sells a building or landscape design like a physical, architectural model. By combining traditional model-making methods and innovative 3D printing technology, we create 3D models for architecture that capture a real-life representation of our clients’ vision at almost any scale. And while most architects are able to generate their own CGIs, Hobs 3D advanced visualisation tools can 360 tours and VR environments that bring a more experiential interaction with architectural models.

Solutions for Each RIBA Stage

Hobs 3D employs creativity and technical expertise across the multiple RIBA stages to produce the 3D tools you need from planning to design to handover. We work closely alongside our architecture clients to envision, enhance and actualise their projects to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

Architectural Competition Models

No stage in the RIBA process is more important than winning the work. Our 3D printing technologies provide genuine advantages in being able to portray our clients’ designs accurately and at a more reasonable cost than purely hand-made models. This cost-effective approach not only ensures accurate representation but also facilitates a more efficient communication of design concepts, significantly enhancing our clients’ ability to secure projects.

Planning & Context Architectural Models

Context models represent the most effective way to illustrate how a design will integrate into the existing architecture of the neighbourhood. These models are frequently designed with detachable ‘plugs’, enabling the replacement of old elements with new ones to provide a genuine ‘before and after’ perspective of a design’s impact. Consequently, context plug models serve as invaluable tools for planning approval and public consultation processes.

Marketing Suite Models

Developers frequently seek detailed, scaled models from architects for their new buildings to aid in the marketing of apartments or houses within a new development. Yet, many architects lack the capabilities to deliver the level of quality essential for effectively selling a site. Our process commences with 3D printing to reduce the expense of crafting intricate features. Subsequently, our team of highly skilled model makers takes charge. We’ve crafted remarkable scale developments, often featuring interactive lighting and touch-screen interfaces, which allow the end user to fully comprehend and appreciate their potential purchase

Visualisation and Interactive Environments for Architecture

Our visual and interactive 3D solutions are designed to provide a wider reach or a more intimate experience for clients to understand an architectural design. Through 360 tours and virtual reality environments, we facilitate buy-in from crucial stakeholders and local residents throughout the developmental phase. Additionally, our high-end CGIs and flythrough animations serve as powerful tools for widespread dissemination, attracting prospective buyers. At Hobs 3D, we tailor our services to assist architecture clients in meeting the diverse needs of their customers.

View a sample 360 tour

Hobs created the 3D print which sits on top of digital screens, working with Digital Urban to process the 3D data and create a seamless model which works in harmony with the digital content beneath the screens. We are delighted with the outcome.
by Suzy Jones, Director of RIBA North

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