3D Printing for Chris Hadfield

Houston we have a 3D printed rocket!

Twitter went into near meltdown when Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield visited Manchester on the 9th December. He was being interviewed by Radio 5 Live as part of a live broadcast from MOSI, and Hobs 3D was there as part of this science special to talk about 3D printing.

Chris, who served as an International Space Station Commander, is also an online ‘legend’ and a renowned inspirational speaker. He has over 1.25 million Twitter followers, and his rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, recorded in space, has had over 22 million views on YouTube.

The Radio 5 Live broadcast started off with Hobs 3D 3D printing a toy space rocket and an introduction to the 3D printing exhibition at MOSI. Chris was then asked questions by local school children before playing his guitar and singing a couple of songs. He was then presented with the finished toy rocket that had been 3D printed during the session.

Hobs 3D was then back on the on air for a more in-depth chat about how the rocket had been 3D printed and the other uses of 3D printing technologies.

Chris is shown above with the 3D printed toy rocket. There are also a couple of ‘selfies’ with Chris, but we look far too excited to share them!

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