BIM for building 2015

Autodesk 2015 Solutions for Building and Construction
At Manchester ‘pop-up’ Cathedral

Discover how new Autodesk® 2015 solutions for Building and Construction can promote greater productivity and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Speaker: Rob Charlton (CEO of Space Group) – Renowned BIM champion, (BIM Show Live and BIMstore)
Case Study: BIM adoption at Manchester Cathedral, presented by Mark Hopkins (Construction Director @ Nikal Ltd)

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Increasingly, building and construction professionals face frequently changing project and tighter project schedules. Join us on Thursday 3rd July at 2pm to discover how Autodesk 2015 solutions give you early access to rich building information and help you improve accuracy and efficiency in your project design and construction.
Learn how the latest technologies, techniques and strategies can help you to deliver successful projects, including how to:

  • More effectively improve communication with stakeholders
  • Streamline workflows
  • Expand toolsets and benefit from a more consistent user experience
  • Access cloud services through Autodesk® Subscription
  • Promote greater control and efficiency

Gain a competitive edge and win more business with help from conceptual models that better illustrate design intent, while being nimble enough to be adjusted on the fly during meetings with stakeholders.

Strengthen your firm’s reputation for delivering high-quality work for any size project, with visualization techniques suited for different phases of the project lifecycle.
Discover how project teams in the building and construction industries use the latest Autodesk solutions to support their ability to make more informed decisions faster, resulting in greater time and cost savings.

The event will feature a case study on Manchester Cathedral, which has recently been laser scanned and modelled as part of its BIM adoption. This event will therefore be held at Manchester’s ‘pop-up’ Cathedral, Victoria Street, Manchester; the ‘Cathedral on the Street’ was originally built for services whilst the original Cathedral building was in the hands of contractors during the replacement of the heating system in 2013. It’s now a perfect location for a unique BIM event and case study.

Mo Isap, Director of Group Strategy for Hobs, said “We are thrilled to be supporting the construction and architectural sector in embracing and adopting BIM and to provide practical applications of the latest 3D technologies. The move to working in BIM can be challenging but is also full of opportunities and rewards for everyone concerned”.

Hobs has worked with architects and construction companies since 1969, traditionally meeting their reprographics, digital printing, graphic design and bid support needs, and this continues to be the core services offered through 23 operations across the UK.Hobs Studio uniquely brings together 3D data capture through Laser Scanning, 3D Revit Modelling, CGI’s , Animations, Augmented Reality and, of course, 3D printing. Linking all these BIM technologies together, Hobs Studio also offers BIM consultancy, training and implementation.

Event:​​BIM for Building 2015
Date: Thursday 3rd July
Time: 2pm to 4.30pm

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