3D print Victoria Station Upgrade for TFL using ZPrinter 650 3D printer

I have been involved with ZPrinter technology (now called the Projet X range) for the past 9 years and can say in my opinion that it is by far the best technology for 3D printing construction type models. Its ideal for 3D printing directly from BIM data as it retains the colour – often this is crucial for understanding the concept or layout. These construction models can be large and therefore require a few builds to be assembled. The ZPrinter is the fastest 3D printer available and because the consumables are reused and no support structures are necessary, also the most affordable option. One of our recent projects for Transport for London,  a huge 1200 x 800 x 200mm colour model of Victoria Underground Station,  was a perfect fit for the ZPrinter 650. We received a colour Microstation file from our client (London Underground) and proceeded to systematically prepare the various components using Materialise Magics software. With Magics, you can import nearly all file formats and native color information, and stay in control of your original data.The STL editor in Magics allows you to correct problems, as well as create watertight data and shortcuts to suit your workflow.File fixing includes repair of flipped or broken triangles, bad edges, holes and other defects in your file Once the data was ready, we cut the model into sections to allow it to fit within the build chamber area – 381 x 254 x 203mm. There were 8 in total and they required 3 builds (2 days in total) to 3d print in full colour. The high resolution and small feature option (0.1mm)meant that we could print miniature details such as railings and escalators within the ticket halls. As an added feature we raised the model from the DWG printed base with Perspex rods to ensure that the model was aligned to show the viewer the exact location as well as engraving the Perspex cover with the same DWG to view from above

No other 3D printer on the market would have been able to 3d print this model in colour in the timeframe required and at price out was produced for.  ZPrinter rocks

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