Hobs Studio London grand opening!

A big thank you to all our clients who made the trip to see us at our new studio in Clerkenwell. It was a great turnout with over 100 attendees!

On the night we had a large selection of 3D printed models, 3D printing demo’s running, including London’s largest 3D printer the IPro 8000 SLA machine. Only hours before the event started we removed a very large (750mm in height) clear resin model of the iconic shard from the SLA printer. This was used as demo to show off how we combine 3D printed models with augmented reality.

We had an impressive selection of 3D laser scanning equipment on site with demonstrations of our Leica scanner as well as live 3D body scans! At one stage of the evening there was a queue lined up to experience the oculus rift virtual reality world which allowed you to submerse yourself into a virtual room and actually change designs and colour of furniture.

We had a huge virtual reality wall to travel through a highly rendered architectural model – interactivity allowed the user not only to open and close doors but actually travel up in a lift to the second floor and then fly out of the building to see it all from another perspective. You’ve got to see it to believe it….and you still can…

We have open house from 4-7pm each day until the 22nd as part of the fringe event for Clerkenwell Design Week. So come down and see us – we’d love to show you all our services.

Look out for the winner of the 3D body scan we’ll be announcing this next week. image



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