3D Printed Respirator Valves and Masks for NHS during COVID-19

We’re helping to combat Coronavirus with our 3D printing capabilities.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, our NHS is under immense pressure. It is crucial that now, more than ever before, we all do what we can to help.

At Hobs 3D, we are using our 3D design, development & prototyping capabilities to help fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. We’ve been printing respirator valves and masks for the NHS to help aid those in dire need.

Working alongside university research departments to build prototypes, we have quickly produced a number of models to be used in hospitals for clinical testing. We printed the parts overnight on our large-format SLA printers, then sent them over to researchers for further post processing and testing.

We want to help where we can. We work alongside a wide variety of industries and are able to deliver high-speed solutions that are flexible to your requirements.

Please get in touch with our team today, to find out how our 3D services can aid your projects.

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