Hobs Group win ‘Innovation Excellence award’ for incorporating 4D construction sequences into printed bid submissions

We are proud to have won the ‘Creative Means of Communicating with Target Audiences’ prize, at the Innovation Excellence Awards 2017. The awards celebrate forward-thinking and creativity in the UK’s communication and content industries, and are organised by the prestigious Stationers’ Company.

We have been recognised for integrating 4D construction sequence animations with printed bids and tenders. The 4D sequences summarise volumes of complex information to bid audiences and non-specialist stakeholders, by visualising the various stages of construction with incredible accuracy.

James Duckenfield, CEO of Hobs Group said: “We are very proud to have received this award for our unique bid and tender services. Hobs Repro are renowned for creating exceptional bid and tender proposals for their clients, but collaborating with Hobs Studio has taken this to a new level. These 4D construction sequences are helping stakeholders understand technical information faster than ever before. Every element of the submissions are created in-house, and our expert team includes copywriters, graphic designers, print experts, 3D visualisers, and architectural technicians; we truly work with our clients from concept to completion.”

In addition to our win, we were also nominated for our proposal management service in the category of ‘Innovative Application of Digital Technologies Across All Communication and Content Sectors’; a service that helps people to create innovative bids, tenders, pitches, proposals and architectural competition entries.

Open to all companies in the printing, printing supplies, publishing, packaging, office products and promotion and communication sectors, the awards provided great insight into the innovations achieved by the industries this year; and included a seven-strong judging panel involving Ian Bennett, Master of the Stationers’ Company, and Chairman Tony Walsh.

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