Hobs Studio and Sky Atlantic team up for Westworld’s UK TV Premier

Hobs Studio were approached by Sky Atlantic to create a 3D printed model to appear in a TV advert which revealed the UK premier date of their futuristic new series, Westworld. The advert would feature a 3D printed Westworld “host” – a synthetic humanoid designed for use in the hedonistic theme park featured in the show.

Using the UK’s largest stereolithography (SLA) printer, Hobs Studio 3D Printed the “host” with technology that employs light to cause polymer molecules to link together, forming the shape of the desired object – in this case a human being.

The 30 second teaser trailer sees the “host” emerge from a body of liquid, revealing the release date for the UK premier. It is a nod to the “host” manufacturing line featured in the show, which creates the theme park’s artificially intelligent residents.

Due to the notoriety of the cast which includes the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Thandie Newton, along with the prestigious reputation of Sky Atlantic, the project proved to be one of the most memorable ventures for our Studio team to date.

To learn more about SLA printing, take a look at our introduction video

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