Introducing the UK’s largest 3D printer

Hobs 3D can now 3D print highly detailed plastic models up to 1500 x 750 x 550mm

The newly installed iPro9000XL at Hobs 3D London is the largest 3D printer in the UK. This SLA (Stereolithography) machine can print plastic parts up to 1500mm x 750mm x 550mm in size (roughly the size of an office desk) and has already been used to print prototypes of full car dashboards and context models for architects.

SLA 3D Printers produce the highest detail, tolerance, accuracy and edge definition in 3D printing; this new investment takes that to a huge scale. The largest 3D printer in the UK prints with a high resolution and a fast turnaround it’s perfect for creating detailed context, public consultation or marketing models.

Michelle Greeff, Managing Director of Hobs 3D explains: “This investment is a significant leap forward for Hobs 3D as we are the only company in the UK with this type of capacity. We are uniquely utilising this superior 3D printing technology, combined with our in-house model making facilities, to deliver models faster and cheaper than ever before.”

The iPro9000 prints using a new material to the portfolio called Accura®25. This results in durable functional prototypes which are solid but flexible; perfect for architectural models, prototypes and snap-fit assembly pieces.

Parts printed on SLA 3D printer in Accura®25

Parts printed on SLA 3D printer in Accura®25

The data is directly translated through CAD designs to production so there is a significant improvement in accuracy when compared to making by hand. Using the CAD data to make architectural models removes the huge process of translating data required in traditional model making, so avoids confusion and mistakes. It also means you can choose extremely high detailed pieces or simple geometry without cost implications.

Just using 3D printing as a production method could also be advantageous in bids and consultations, as its use implies the organisation is a forward thinking and progressive company.

Master Planning Model printed in one 3D print

Master Planning Model printed in one 3D print

To discuss how 3D printing can enhance your design process or bid, or for a detailed fact sheet on these materials, contact your local Hobs 3D.

iPro9000 in situ at Hobs Studio

iPro9000 in situ at Hobs 3D – The UKs largest 3D printer

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