Colour 3D Printing easily captures complex shapes

Colour 3D Printing, otherwise known as Colour Jet printing, uses a combination of inkjet print heads and powder material to produce stunning full colour prints. These 3D prints are both highly accurate and very quick to produce which is useful for time sensitive projects such as meetings, presentations or exhibitions.

3D Printing has a wealth of applications but is particularly useful in highlighting architectural & engineering details, such as: example site plan models and pipe or steel work on MEP models.

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Fastest speed 3D printers -28mm per hour . Print up to 1 million different colours, including true black using CMYK . High resolution – 100 μm accuracy, 600dpi x 540dpi . Max build volume – 380mm x 250mm x 200mm, larger models can be tiled . Finishes include wax for a smooth texture, cyanoacrylate for greater durability and epoxy for a rock-hard finish


Conceptual models for architects for both in-house design iterations and for client consultation, improving on communication and speed to construction. Master planning plug models – show context with insertable options.


Interactive construction model for bids and presentations. The colour element works well to highlight structures and details like Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP).

3D Printing for Product Design & Prototyping

Product/concept design – hold a realistic colour model in your hand to evaluate and refine designs.

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