Colour 3D Printing affordably reproduces complexity

Hobs 3D are the only service provider in the UK to provide multiple colour 3D printing technologies. The first, Colour Jet printing, uses a combination of inkjet print heads and powder material to produce stunning full colour prints. These 3D prints are both highly accurate and very quick to produce. The second method is also inkjet based using UV-curable 3D inks. With this technology, we can faithfully reproduce millions of vibrant colours directly onto a 3D form. Together, we’re able to tackle projects across industries with consistently amazing results.


Colour 3D Printing for Marketing

Marketing teams are constantly coming up with big ideas that are difficult–sometimes impossible!–to execute. Once again, colour 3D printing can come to the rescue. From people to give-aways to product demonstrators, colour models bring innovative solutions.

Colour 3D Printed Architectural Models

One of the most powerful uses of colour 3D printed models is within the architectural workflow. Our models are often play a key role in design decision making, helping to conceptualise different design iterations. Architectural models can also provide a useful communication tool for client and local community consultation, with master plan models showing the impact a new building will have on the existing environs.

Exhibition Models

Colour 3D printing offers a great way to shortcut the process of creating exhibition models. As a powder based technology, ColorJet models print without the need for support structures that have to be removed, sanded and painted over. That means complex shapes and designs take a fraction of the time of traditional model making to go from file to presentation.

Product Design & Prototypes

Evaluation of a product design is made so much easier with a colour 3D printed prototype. CAD files are printed in multiple iterations to be sure the final product is just right.

Colour 3D Printing for Construction

No model highlights the ability to capture complexity better than an MEP model. Standing for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, MEP models take advantage of colour coding and powder support to recreate the parts of a building that most of us don’t see. Colour 3D printing is also used in construction for interactive phasing models for bids and presentations.

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