SLA 3D printing produces large models with high precision and a superior surface finish

Stereolithography (SLA 3D Printing) produces the most advanced plastic 3D printing models across the widest range of applications. The detail and complexity is beyond traditional modelmaking means, making SLA 3D printing the ideal way to produce complex and large-scale context models.

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In this competitive environment the model provided us with confidence throughout the process. It formed an excellent focal point at all client engagement meetings. Hobs were on-hand as part of the delivery team and worked around the clock to deliver, against particularly tight time constraints. We were extremely pleased with the result.
by Gary Thorogood, Project Manager at Galliford Try


Sharp edges, best surface finish available. Transparent clear or opaque white. Highest resolution – 45 μm accuracy. Max build volume – 1500mm x 650mm x 550mm, larger models can be tiled. Hosted in a secure data centre, we have access to Level of Detail 4 (LOD4) map data which allows us to print accurate, detailed cityscapes.  SLA printing finishes include spraying, electroplating for museum-grade models, electrical circuitry for lighting and various blasting techniques.

SLA Printing for Architecture

Ideal for components for architectural model makers–smooth finish allows for less post production prior to painting.

SLA for Property Development

High-end marketing models with traditional model making finishes or large, detailed master planning models are created accurately and affordably.

SLA Printing for Art & Design

Beautifully finished, bespoke designs are reproduced easily and faithfully in SLA and ready for painting, finishing or moulding for casting.

SLA for Engineering & Prototyping

Smooth finish and high accuracy makes SLA ideal for automotive, engineering, defence & aerospace models–prototypes or small batch production with injection moulded quality.

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